Sunday, January 15, 2017

Twincity Marathon 2017 @Cyberjaya

Kak Ngah accompanied laling, Sofiyah and I for our run at Cyberjaya.  Aminn could not join us because he and his UMNO youth team will hike up Bukit Tabur this morning.

Kak Ngah is our official photographer at every race which we participated. Thank you kak Ngah.

We left our abode 5.30am and headed to Cyberjaya. We parked at Masjid Raja Haji Fi Sabillah Cyberjaya.  But most of the parking bays were full. So laling told kak Ngah to find a parking space whilst laling and I solat Fajr there.  

Rushing not to miss the solat berjemaah I accidentally left my spectacles at the wudhuk area.  I only realised it after solat. So I quickly went back to the wudhuk area and Alhamdullillah my specs were still there.

Then all four of us walked to the starting point with only five minutes to spare. By the time we turned the corner the 5km event began.  Well, I could join the other runners from where I stood, since my bib got no timing chip. But I want to begin and Finish my run honestly.

So Sofiyah and I walked up to the starting pen and began running from there. We were one of the late runners at the starting point. Then I saw laling taking our photos at the starting point. 😆😆😆

This was the first time I ran at Cyberjaya.  The route was quite easy except the part where we had to run uphill, not one by two. That was tough. Running downhill was of course easy, but, I had to run slowly too since I did not want to strain both my knees.

Alhamdullillah all three of us Finished the race at different times. Sofiyah finished first followed by me and then laling. 🤗☺

We all received our Finisher medals and certificates. As we headed to the carpark at the Masjid we saw the FM, HM and 12km  runners heading to the Finish line. Well, I have done 12km before so In shaa Allah hope to run HM before I reach my six series. Hehehe..... 

Then we headed to Pelita to have our breakfast.🍝🍝🍝

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