Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Train to Rawang

Sofiyah followed Khairul on his 'tour of duty' running errands for hubby and I too.  He will also be visiting my mak and abah to deliver mak's Ensure and pampers, and also lunch which I have cooked for them.  As for me, I will travel to Rawang to meet my date. 🤗

Since there was no one to send me to the commuter station I called Kajang Taxi to drive me from home to the station. I was astounded when the trip would cost me RM15 for a 1.6km journey.

So I called GRAB and booked a car for my trip to KL Central instead. The fare is only RM33. If I charter a Kajang taxi the fare is RM60. 😲

When I confirmed my GRAB booking, it said a car will arrive in two minutes. fast ah? I quickly got ready but before I could wear my veil the phone rang.  It was the GRAB driver. He told me he was at house No.3. I told him wrong house. So I directed him to my front gate. 😆

So I got into the MyVi's front passenger seat. The journey to KL central was smooth. Had small talk with the driver. Married with one child. Wife stay home mom. Retrenched from an oil and gas firm in Labuan after being promoted from Singapore. Survive on VSS. Applied for other jobs. Whilst waiting did GRAB.

When I reached KL Central rushed to KTM Commuter at platform three and waited for train to Rawang. But...the train halted at Sg Buloh station and all passengers disembarked to wait for the next train to Rawang. The train arrived half an hour later and we continued our journey.

I finally reached Rawang train station fifteen minutes later. Hubby was already waiting for me outside the station. We then drove towards Sungai Besar exiting at toll Bkt Tagar where I had solat Asar.

When we reached Sungai Besar ot was already Maghrib. So we has our solat jamaq Maghrib and Eshaq at the Masjid near Sungai Besar town.

After solat we had our dinner at a Tom Yam restaurant in Sungai Besar. Whatelse is there except tom yam restaurants here, there, everywhere......sigh...

We then check in at Hotel Kompit. What a strange name.....well, thats another story. Goodnight...

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