Friday, December 30, 2016

Relatives @Kuala Ketil

We had brunch at an Ikan Bakar restaurant near Tesco Sungei Petani. It seems in Kedah, ikan bakar is served during lunch, unlike in Kajang where ikan bakar can only be found during dinner.

I also ate their gulai daging batang pisang and it was delicious. No mamak curry taste here. My Kedahan bff said curry Melayu.

When we reached Kuala Ketil town and wanted to solat Jumaat, we found the Masjid being renovated. Since we were unfamiliar with the town's surroundings we followed a Pakcik and his son on a motorbike to the nearest Masjid which is actually a Surau.

I waited for hubby in the car and was surprised to see a few boys having their drinks beneath a shady tree. The two huge water containers and plastic mugs were placed on a table.  All of them shared the plastic mugs which they placed in a plastic container after drinking to be used by the next person. What a good idea. 

After solat we had cendol at a stall nearby.  It was such a hot day. Hubby had assam laksa which we shared. It was delicious.

We then drove to Kg Semanggol to visit our cousin who lost her son in a car accident.  When we reached her abode, her neighbour said she was at her nephew's house. So we went there.

Our relatives were surprised to see us.  They just had Tahlil arwah.  So we joined them and they served us lunch though it was almost 4pm.

We returned to Sungei Patani and checked into Emerald Putri Hotel again since we intend to visit our Besan at Naka tomorrow morning. In shaa Allah.

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