Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sushi and Cucu

Kak Ngah took Sofiyah and I to IOI Mall Putrajaya for lunch. We had Japanese cuisine at Zen. 

Since there was a long queue, I went window shopping whilst Kak Ngah and Sofiyah queued.

I went to almost all the Sports boutique looking for a black long sleeve jersey and unfortunately I could not find any. 

When I joined kak Ngah and Sofiyah they were already seated at the table waitng for their orders.  It was quite a long wait. When kak ngah enquired the delay at the cashier counter after our lunch, the cashier replied they were short staffed. 

We then drove to Badruzzaman's abode to meet my grandson Muhammad Zavian. He was fast asleep when we arrived.  

I was impressed when Badruzzaman bathe his son in the bathroom.  Hubby never did that when our children were at that age.....hehehe....

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