Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hospital Serdang - Day Four

My grandson Muhammad Zavian was admitted to Serdang Hospital last Monday afternoon.  According to Badruzzaman, his urine was infected and also his jaundice has not cleared completely so he has to be hospitalised for further treatment. My poor grandson. Nekliz will pray for your speedy recovery.

As for me I could only visit Muhammad Zavian after fetching Sofiyah at school today.  We both drove straight to the hospital after we solat Asar at the Masjid Saujana Impian. Sofiyah was still wearing her uniform when we reached the hospital. 

My heart bled when I saw my grandson's hand where the antibiotics were being injected into. He was being breastfed by his bonda, Maisarah, when I arrived.

Get well soon dear grandson. Nekliz loves you.

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