Sunday, November 27, 2016

Finished 12KM....Yeyy!

I woke up at 5am and got ready for solat Fajr.  I also woke up Kak ngah and Sofiyah.  Both of them will accompany me to Putrajaya for the Alliance Pacer Run 2016.

After solat we left the house with kak ngah driving us to the venue. It was raining heavily so I packed two ponchos for Ka Ngah and Sofiyah just in case it still rains at Putrajaya.

Alas, it was drizzling when we parked our car at the Higher Education Department and we had to walk to the Starting pen. Kak ngah and Sofiyah wore the ponchos. As for me I was excited to run in the rain....

When we reached the Start area it was already 6.45am. Gun time was at 7am. It was still drizzling.

Sharp at 7am runners in the 12km route began our run.  This was a completely new route for me and also the distance. When I could not avoid stepping a puddle I got my Asics wet and also my socks. 

Then when we reached 6KM it was raining heavily. It rained for almost 3KM. I was soaking wet by then but I continued running. Alhamdulillah for the next 3KM it was drizzling again. 

Luckily at one one of the water stations they served 100Plus. I took a cup and continued running.  I have to remove my spectacles because it got misty. No problem without glasses because I am longsighted.

After completing 10KM I really felt to finish the balance 2KM was so tough.  I could not run anymore so I jog ever so slowly. When I looked over my shoulders, hey....there were still many more runners behind me. So, I was not alone......hehehe....

Then around the corner at the junction these young volunteers cheered me on....come on aunty, you can do it, a few more steps only... One of them did a hi5 with me too. Thank you guys.... You have boost up my spirit...

As soon as I saw the Finish line I felt myself running the last 50 metres.  Then when I saw my daughters cheering me at the kerb I slowed down for them to take my pictures. Hahaaaha....

Volunteers and other runners cheered me when I crossed the Finish line. Alhamdullillah.

They gave me my medal as I left the pen.  I then walked to the First Aid tent hoping to get a blanket because I felt really cold. But they haven't any. 

What a lovely surprise when at the tent I met nephew Mohd Faizul Irwan who ran 5KM with his HM buddies.  Irwan helped to call kak ngah n Sofiyah to meet me at the tent.

Thus my first 12KM run in the rain. Alhamdullillah.

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