Thursday, November 10, 2016

ETS - KL Central to Slim River

Tomorrow is my nephew's wedding which will be held at Kamunting Perak. But then since Sofiyah is having her SPM (today is day four) I have to wait until she finished her Bahasa Arab paper two before I could travel to Slim River to meet hubby.

My son-in-law Aminuddin sent me to KTM Kajang for my trip to KL Central to continue my journey via ETS to Slim River.

Since I was fasting today, I broke fast at KTM Kajang eating the dates I brought along.  When I arrived at KL Central it was already 8pm. I rushed to the Surau and solat Maghrib. Since my train was at 9pm I also solat Eshaq at the surau. Alhamdullillah.

Since I was also hungry, I bought two packets of tuna sandwhiches and ate it at the waiting area for boarding. That was a huge mistake.....I meant eating the sandwhiches😣😣😣

When I arrived at Slim River hubby was already waiting for me. We then had dinner at a Tom Yam Restaurant near our hotel.

After dinner we returned to the hotel and since I could not sleep I watched a movie on TV.  Suddenly my stomach ache and I rushed to the toilet. I was birching the whole night.  Hubby said must be the samdwhiches I ate. ☹☹☹

Thus I cat nap during the night having to go to the toilet a few times.....Never again will I buy tuna sandwhiches at KL Central.

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