Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bell's Palsy - 1mth 8 Days

This morning after hubby left for work, I drove to Tung Shin Hospital for my tenth Acupuncture treatment with Dr Cheow Bee Li. 

But then I went to Din Auto first before proceeding to Tung Shin Hospital.  Encik Din himself attended to Mercs.  Mercs has exceeded her mileage and due for servicing soon.  Encik Din helped checked the Engine Oil and since it needs topping up, he filled it up for me using the engine oil balance in its bottle. Synthium I think....

He then wished me on a safe journey to KL. Was he being sarcastic? 

But then the journey to Tung Shin was smooth with no jam whatsoever. Alhamdullillah. 

This time I need not wait long for Dr Cheow to treat me.  Number of needles used? Twenty four. But not all on my face lah......twenty four needles total on my right knee, my left face, left arm and left leg. After twenty minutes, the needles were removed by the nurse. Alhamdullillah.

I took the Sungai Besi highway since I wanted to visit my grandson at Bangi. I also wanted to deliver baby booties (which my mak knitted for kak long when she was a baby) for Muhammad Zawian to use. None of the coloured booties have faded for the last thirty two years. Alhamdullillah.  In shaa Allah, can also be use for my future cucus and cicits...😆😆😆

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