Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bell's Palsy Day Three - Physiotherapy

This morning Khairulzaman drove me to KPJ Kajang from Pedas for my appointment with the Neuro Physician Dr Souzyanti. Today is also Day Three of my Bell's Palsy illness.

Dr Souzyanti confirmed that I indeed am suffering from Bell's Palsy.  She said, In shaa Allah I could be cured the fastest two weeks to about three months.  I have to begin physio asap. I also have to swallow the medicines she prescribed, six tiny pills twice a day for a week, Vitamin B once a day for 30 days and eye drops five times a day since I could not blink my left eye. 😢

I also have to continue swallowing the one pill five times a day for my 'Shingles' which Dr Anjali prescribed since Friday 9th September. Shingles on Friday....Bell's Palsy on Sunday.....😢😢😢

By the time my consultation with Dr Souzyanti ended it was almost lunch time and since the physiotherapy clinic only opens at 2pm, I had my solat zohor at KPJ Mussollah.

After solat I went to the Oscia Tower where the physiotherapy clinic is located on its fifth floor. My therapist Nurul Ain welcomed me and began physiotherapy straight away.  I brought along the TENS equipment as requested by Ain when she knew about my condition via fb.

Ain taught me how to use TENS and where to place the patch. The black coloured wire to connect to the patch at my left ear area. The red coloured wire to connect to my forehead, then my nose then my chin.  These three areas are for the red wires. 

But before using TENS she put a hot pad on the left side of my face for fifteen minutes.

Then she taught me to exercise my face using the manual which she printed for me.  Ain also taught me to use ice cube and roll it at the three areas from my forehead, my nose and my chin.  She also taught me to gently stroke these areas using the back of my hands.  Thank you so much Ain. 😚😚😚

Thus I have to discipline myself to do all these daily and without fail. In shaa Allah. Alhamdullillah.

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