Friday, September 30, 2016

Bell's Palsy - Acupuncture at Tung Shin Hospital

After physiotherapy yesterday morning I went to see Dr Soezyani, because I was having pain on my left around my waist. Alhamdullillah it has nothing to do with my Bell's Palsy. Probably muscle strain after I did Zumba last Sunday. 😊

Anyway I then asked Dr Souzyani whether I could go for acupuncture besides doing physiotherapy. Dr Souzyani said its okay to do acupuncture but she recommended that I go to Tung Shin Hospital for the treatment.

So I called Tung Shin Hospital for an appointment and they told me to come in anytime during office hours.  

I went with Sofiyah after solat Zohor to Tung Shin Hospital. Traffic was smooth from Kajang except when making the U turn along Jln Pudu to reach the hospital. It took almost half an hour just to U turn. 

Anyway when we reached the hospital, finding a parking lot was easy too. There were ample parking lots way up the hill beside the hospital. We have to walk down the hill, about 100 metres to the entrance of the Chinese Medical wing of the hospital.

At the registration counter, the lady clerk recommended that I see Dr Cheow, lady acupuncturist. Alhamdullillah.

Sofiyah and I then went to the Chinese Medical Clinic located at the Lower ground floor of the hospital's Chinese Medical wing.

When we reached the clinic I was surprised when Dr Cheow herself welcomed me. She ushered me to her room and interviewed me re my Bell's Palsy.

Then she took me to her treatment room 302.  Before she began inserting the acupuncture needles to my face she told me to recite 'Bismillah' and also said "Its not me that cure you but Allah". I was surprised when she said that and wondered whether she's a revert. Will ask her next time.

The acupuncture treatment lasted twenty minutes. Any pain? Yes. Like ant bite...😆

Sofiyah drove us home.  I was unsure about the route to Kajang from the hospital.  Instead of taking the left lane to Smart Tunnel and Sungei Besi...we took the right lane and had to follow the old road to Kajang i.e. via Jalan Pudu and Jalan Cheras. 

Since both of us were hungry, we stopped at KFC and finally reached home around 6pm. Alhamdullillah.

Then after dinner I did physiotherapy for my Bell's Palsy.

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