Monday, May 16, 2016

Kelas Mengaji @ BTHO

Tomorrow I will be following hubby to Slim River, thus I could not attend Kelas Mengaji at BTHO. So I joined Monday's group at Puan Sharifah's abode at BTHO.

I went after fetching Sofiyah from school. Again I used WAzE for the journey to the venue.  Alhamdulillah arrived safely but Ustaz already arrived.  I apologised for being late.

After everyone read the Noble Quran, there was no Tajweed lesson because Ustaz has to attend to a funeral and left early.

When I reached home and was about to send Sofiyah to her tuition class, Wahid called to say he would send Sofiyah since he had reached Kajang from Dr Tan's clinic in KL.

Sofiyah broke her fast at her tuition centre whilst hubby and I broke ours at home.  Kak Ngah came after work and would stay with us until Wednesday since her husband was outstation.

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