Sunday, May 29, 2016

Aerobic at Kompleks Belia Paroi

I have missed Zumba classes at Sg Sekamat and also BTHO the last one week. So when Sofiyah left for camp at Morib I returned to my parents' abode in Seremban.

I contacted my cousin whether there are Zumba classes in Seremban and she told me Zumba no....but aerobics yes. The aerobic class at Kompleks Belia Paroi starts at 5.45pm.

When I reached the venue it was already 5.30pm. So I did my solat asar at the Surau within the complex....changed into my excercise gear and jog to the outdoor stage area where the aerobic class was held.

There were three awesome lady coaches who taught us one after the other.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  There were joget numbers too. Wow.....

Done Aerobic and I took few pictures with the coaches and other participants.    When I finally reached my parents' abode it was almost Maghrib.

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