Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday Zumba.....Colour Purple

I was late again this morning, so I had to park Mercs a hundred metres from the community hall.  Then I was undecided whether to bring along the water cooler or wait until after Zumba workout. Decision...decision.....ok leave the water cooler for now.

Then after Zumba, there was the meeting plus pot-luck for all members.  I was a bit heavy to attend the meeting but then when our Chief persuaded me to join too.....I went and got the water cooler from Mercs.  Drove Mercs and parked closer to the hall since the Farmers Market had closed.  I then bought Teh Tarik from the Roti Canai stall nearby.  Twenty large glasses filled the water cooler.  Alhamdullillah.

When I reached the hall, I left the Teh Tarik on the buffet table. many dishes to tuck in. Yum yum.  The meeting just started too so I sat on the floor with the other Zumba lovers.

Suddenly my phone rang...silent mode but with vibration.  It was Badruzzaman.  He informed me that Maisara had slight bleeding this morning.  Maisara is now two months pregnant.  So I told Bard to take Maisara to KPJ asap.

I then excused myself from the meeting and rushed home.  I then showered and rushed to KPJ and waited for Bard and Maisara.

After seeing the doctor and an ultrasound done, Alhamdullillah, their baby is fine.  Bard will bring Maisara to see Dr Rasliza tomorrow morning, In shaa Allah.

When I asked Maisara what she would like for lunch, she mentioned Sardine.  So I cooked Sambal Sardine for her.  I don't want my coming cucu to drool just because unable to eat sambal sardine. 😊

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