Friday, March 11, 2016

Antique Sidecupboard

I fetched Sofiyah after school and after we had our lunch at Restoren Ayu, we drove to Pedas via Lekas Highway.

I was disappointed when I arrived at Rumah Liza to see the compound littered with dried leaves.  So I reported to dear hubby and he called all our farmhands except Rizal to blow away the dried leaves. 

Then Baha helped me clean up the kitchen area and we removed the wooden table and put it at the outdoor BBQ area.  We then carried the antique wooden rack into the kitchen area and use one of its shelves to place a few of my favourite books.

My guests for tomorrow are my dear Ustaz Abdullah Bukhari Abdul Rahim and his family together with his siblings, nephews and nieces.  My first celebrity guest.

Sofiyah and I returned home after solat eshaq.

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