Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mid week Zumba

Did zumba this morning after sending hubby to KPJ Kajang for physiotherapy.

Then followed hubby to Tanjong Malim after solat Zuhur.  Hubby left me at the Masjid in Tanjong Malim when he went to Sungei Bil.

Since it was almost Asar, I waited inside the ladies prayer hall for solat.  After solat I was reading the Noble Quran when one of the ladies there invited me to join their Quran class.  I gladly followed her. 

There were ten other ladies in the classroom.  The ustaz then asked me to read after the second lady finished reading a page of Surah Taubah. 

When there were another three ladies waiting for their turn, I received a watsapp from hubby.  He was waiting for me outside the Masjid.  When I informed him that there were two more ladies to read the Noble Quran, he told me to continue with the class.  Alhamdullillah.

After class I asked from the lady who invited me her phone number.  When I asked her name, I was surprised that she is a Datin. I apologised for not addressing her with her title.  She brushed it off and told me no need to address her Datin. future if hubby left me at the Masjid, hopefully whenever there are classes for Muslimah there.  In shaa Allah.

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