Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Toe Nail Surgery

If on  Wednesdays I was at the Community Hall Sg Sekamat for Zumba, not today. Instead I was at KPJ Kajang Day Care waiting for my surgery.

Wahid drove me and hubby this morning and after registering at the Admission counter I was sent to Day Care.  I was wheeled into OT at 9am.

The surgeon removed my left big toe nail which was hurting me and also the nail itself had rotten aka dead. It had to be removed because the nail was coming off.

It all started when I was in Madinah last December.  When I put on the shoes to go to Masjid Nabawi, I found the shoes a bit tight.  I thought it was because of the cold weather which somehow shrunk my shoes.  So I kept on wearing it even when it hurts real bad until I reached Mecca for Umrah.

So when Sofiyah's sneakers went missing at Haram, and hubby wanted to buy her a new one, I took the opportunity to buy one too.  Alhamdullillah I felt extremely comfortable wearing the new pair.

Then when we returned home after performing Umrah and I was unpacking my suitcase and was putting away the old shoes I found out the shoe size was Size four! No wonder it would not fit properly.......I wear a size five...

Thus when my toe nail began to turn blackish and about to come off I went and see the doctor who then gave me a referral letter to see a surgeon.

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