Saturday, January 16, 2016

Nasi Kerabu & Prata

I had breakfast at one of the two Malay restaurants near the hotel we stayed.  There was not much to choose from until I saw Nasi Kerabu on their menu. Yummy!

Suddenly the aroma of roti prata hot from the pan caught my attention.  So I ordered a piece of roti prata.  When it was served with curry and sambal, I ate it immediately. Double Yummy!!

Whilst eating the prata halfway....came the nasi kerabu I ordered. So....wallop the prata until finished and then ate the Nasi Kerabu. Triple yummy!!!

When hubby called to inform we may have to stay one more night, I went to a Muslimah boutique and bought a simple blouse.  I dislike wearing recycled clothes when I travel.

Then when hubby returned in the evening he told me we had to return to Kajang after dinner.  We had our dinner at Perahu Pecah, a seafood restaurant besides Shell petrol station.

This time when I drove home, hubby was silent. How come? He was fast asleep and snored too.  Haaahahha......

Alhamdullillah we reached home just before midnight.

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