Sunday, January 10, 2016

Gardening...another new hobby

 (the sole plant)

(sole plant near the fence)

When I returned home after buying the skirt pants at Fitri's abode, I was met by kak Wahida, my neighbour.  She was doing gardening when she saw me parking Mercs at my porch.  So we chatted for a while.  Then when we saw Nomi passing by our houses, kak Wahida told me to call Nomi and join us too.  Then when Nomi came, she told me to call Hajah Rafisah who lived opposite my abode.

Hahaha.....then the four of us congregate at kak Wahida's house and explored her garden.  She has so many herbal plants and she gave us buah putat to eat with sambal belacan.  Then we went to Hajah Rafisah's house and visited her garden also.  That was when she gave me and kak Wahida a single plant which I know not its name.  

That evening, after watering all my potted plants, I planted that single plant and hope it will multiply and multiply In shaa Allah.  Will update its growth.

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