Sunday, January 10, 2016

Duck Eggs with Cassava Leaves

Well......the week that was,,,,

Cooked above dish using duck eggs with cassava leaves (Gulai Tolo Itik mo Pucuk Ubi Kayu).  When I googled to translate 'Pucuk Ubi' from Bahasa Malaysia to tickled me when Pucuk Ubi became 'Mati Pucuk'.  Mati Pucuk is ED (Erectile Dysfunction)....hahahaa......

Anyway, the recipe for above dish is very very easy.... Duck Eggs, Cassava Leaves, Cili Padi, kunyit hidup, santan kelapa, apple cider vinegar, salt

Using a stainless steel pot or Corning Ware as per above, pour in fresh santan (ccoconut milk).  Add the cili padi (Bird eyes chillies) and kunyit (fresh turmeric) (both pounded finely).  Then add 1 tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar.  Bring the santan to a boil and add in the duck eggs one by one.  Then add in the Cassava Leaves (boil these leaves first and then drain the water before adding into the pot full of duck eggs). Finally add Salt to taste.  Let it simmer and then eat with rice.

I added Apple Cider Vinegar to the santan so that when I broke the duck eggs into the santan the eggs will not break up.  The egg yoke will not be separated from the egg white.

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