Monday, January 4, 2016

Arabic Class Final Attempt

When I was doing my umrah last December, of the many doas I seek from Allah SWT after each solat at Haram was the ability to learn Arabic so that when I read the Noble Quran, I could understand every word mentioned therein without having to read the translation.

Three days after I returned from Umrah (Dec 21), I received a watsapp from my pet sister who is also my neighbour informing me about enrolling an Arabic class near our home. She sent the watsapp at 7.16am but I only read it at 10.30am.  Why? Because I woke up around that time....why?  Jet Lag! hahaaha.... Hubby said we were overseas for only 10 days yet my jet lag will be for two weeks or more.  Hahaaaa.......

Anyway, I called up my pet sister and she informed me that she was joining the class and was hoping I would join too.  Of course I would.  But then I needed to seek hubby's approval to join the class and Alhamdullillah, hubby said Yes.

So after solat Maghrib I fetched pet sis at her abode and we drove to the venue in Kajang town.  Since we joined middle of the month, the admin staff said we could begin paying the monthly fee effective January 2016.  Alhamdullilah.

Classes began at 8.30pm and lasted two hours.  There was a short break after an hour.  During the two lessons we attended we managed to understand quite well what was being taught even though we were three months late.    

There are no exams, no tests, no Homework! Yeyyyyyy.....hehehee....As my pet sis said, that's the best part!. So, pay full attention and participate during class Q & A, Ustaz Q..we A.

In shaa Allah, I hope to master Quranic Arabic within the next few months.  Allah SWT has answered my doas and shown me the way, its up to me to work hard in learning Quranic Arabic.

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