Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hubby's 1st Operation..

Hubby finally decided to go ahead with his toe nail operation when the pain became unbearable. 

So Wahid drove us to KPJ Kajang at 11am today.  Hubby was then sent to the Day Care to wait for his turn in the OT. 

Hubby was so relaxed waiting his turn.  He read the newspaper.....watched TV and finally dozed off....He even snored. Heheehe...

Then when his turn still did not come when time for Zuhur, he went to the surau to solat.  Iy was when he was at the surau that the head nuese came looking for him to ask him to change into the surgical gown.

When hubby was told to remove his clothing and wear the gown naked, I giggled.  Hahaaha.....this was the first time in his life wearing the hospital gown....also his first surgery.

The surgery was to remove part of his toe nail which had dug into its flesh.  That was why his toe was swollen and painful.

Alhamdullillah the surgery was a success and In shaa Allah his toe will no longer be painful.

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