Friday, October 2, 2015

Dulang Hantaran

Wahid and Khairulzaman went to the Bride's abode to collect the Dulang Hantaran after Friday prayers.  There were five gifts placed on five dulangs.  They were all beautifully done by the bride's family.  Alhamdullillah.

But then a slight hiccup when the duit mas kawin they could not create the Ringgit into Roses. 

So....I engaged my best friend Rose Khamly to create the Ringgit bouquet.  Alhamdullillah she did it beautifully. The bouquet was placed on the dulang together with the duit hantaran (a Stanchart cheque) and a gold bangle from Habib Jewels.

My son-in-law Ahmad will carry the above dulang on Nikah day In shaa Allah.

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