Saturday, September 26, 2015

Buah Cipo from Segamat

I slept soundly at Fitri's abode and woke up at dawn for solat fajr.  I wanted to go out and join the ah sohs for their tai chi exercise at the field nearby but it was hazy. So....i went back to sleep...😴😴😴

After breakfast Fitri drove me, his wife Ana and two of their children Nurul and Shaza to their Mak Jang's abode near Segamat town. 

Mak Jang is a traditional healer.  Fitri took me to see her whether she could help heal my itchy right foot.  Mak Jang uses daun sireh and gambir to get its yellowish juice to wipe over my foot.  In shaa Allah my foot will heal.

Then from Mak Jang's house we went to Ana's house where she grew up.  This was my first visit.  I met her siblings there.  Here I came across my first encounter with a fruit called buah Pico.  I ate the riped Pico which is red in colour.  It tasted like mango.  According to Fitri's sister-in-law the unripe Pico can be cooked with ikan sungai.  Well.....hope to try cooking one day too.

We then had lunch which Ana cooked.  Asam pedas ikan parang and lemak pucuk manis with keledek. Yummy....

After I solat jamaq zuhur and asar Fitri sent me to the Segamat railway station for my journey to Pedas.  But all tickets sold out.  So he took me to the bus terminal.  Alhamdullillah there was a bus to Tampin. 

So I bid farewell to Fitri and his family. Gave them big hugs and with a heavy heart I boarded the bus for my journey to Tampin.

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