Friday, August 21, 2015

Masaage and Wedding Planner

Yesterday hubby and I drove to our office in Pedas where we have a loft on its first floor.  We call our loft LIZLOTENG. 

Since I was fasting, and we have not reached our destination, I broke fast in the car.  Two dates and a hot flask of MILO.

After solat Maghrib only then we had our dinner. 

Then this morning at 8.30 Hjh Sarah, gave me my second traditional massage.   She is an experienced masseuse. Then I received a phone call from Puan Norehan, a wedding planner from D'Renjis Seri Pengantin at Bangi. 

Puan Norehan and her daughter had arrived at the KTM Sg Gadut station.  So since I was still being massaged, I called hubby to help fetch Norehan and her daughter.

By the time Norehan arrived at Lizloteng, I was already having breakfast with Hjh Sarah at the warong opposite our office building.  So she and her daughter joined us too.

After breakfast Hjh Sarah sent us to Rumah Liza.  Puan Norehan and I then discussed where to put the photo booth during Badruzzaman's wedding in October, In shaa Allah.

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