Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ramadan - Day Twenty Two

I came late for Tadarrus at Masjid Kajang this morning....the other ladies had their turn reading the noble Quran.  Thus it was my turn after Hjh Juliana.

Alhamdullillah we managed to complete Juzuk Twenty Three.  It was almost noon when we finished.  I drove home with Puan Hanida my neighbour.  After dropping her off I drove to fetch Sofiyah at school.

Hubby showed me the invitation card from the Sultan of Selangor re the iftar event at Masjid Punchak Alam. So I have to prepare hubby's baju Melayu for the event tomorrow. Thus hubby will not be able to attend the iftar and personal donation event at the Surau Rumah Rakyat in Pedas tomorrow.  Therefore In shaa Allah one of our sons will represent dear hubby.

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