Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ramadan - Day Twentieth

Hubby did qiam at Masjid Kajang last night.  He was well prepared when he left our abode. Alhamdullillah. As for me I did my qiam at home. Alhamdullillah.

As usual hubby sent Sofiyah to school when he returned from solat fajr at the Masjid.  Me?? After solat fajr, reading the noble Quran,  I did the laundry and then.....😴😴😴

When I woke up, hubby was getting ready for work.  He was going to Tanjong Malim, thus he will qiam at Masjid Tanjong Malim, In shaa Allah.

Since hubby was away, for iftar we bought food at the Bazar Ramadan nearby. I was craving for Nasi ambeng and Laksa Johor.  Alhamdullillah.

Then hubby sent us a picture of his iftar at the Masjid.  He was having nasi ayam.... Alhamdullillah.

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