Friday, June 19, 2015

Ramadan Day Two

This morning for sahoor I cooked fried rice and fried mee hailam.  Kak long and her family stayed the night at our abode so they had sahoor together with us.  Little Muhammad our grandson was wide awake and he too sahoor-ed with us all.

Kak long and family returned to their home after solat fajr.  I gave Muhammad a big hug and kisses so did his uncles and aunty.  Hubby was still at the Masjid but he already bid farewell to kak long and family before he left for solat fajr at Masjid Kajang.

As for me after I did solat fajr and recited the noble Quran....I slept.  The mobile alarm woke me up.  So I got ready and went to Masjid Kajang for Tadarrus with Imam Hj Fazry and my classmates.

Imam Hj Fazry whatsapp our Group that he was coming in late because he had a punctured tyre and was at the tyre shop. So while waiting for him I took following pictures.

When Imam Hj Fazry finally came, we began Tadarrus from Juzuk three.  We managed to recite until Juzuk Five.  Alhamdullilah.  Our next Tadarrus will be on Monday, In shaa Allah.

But then, after Tadarrus at the Masjid, Hajah Nyonya, Hajah Rafisah, Hajah Siti Sarah and I continued our TSA Tadarrus group at our abode.  We managed to complete two juzuk too.  We are now at Juzuk 20, Alhamdullilah.

It was almost 12.30pm when we finished Tadarrus so I went to fetch Sofiyah at school. 

As usual I began cooking for iftar after solat asar.  If yesterday for iftar all my children (except Khairul), sons-in-law and grandson were only five of us.....Hubby, Badruzzaman, Wahid, Sofiyah and I.

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