Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ramadan - Day Thirteen

This morning I did not attend Tadarrus because I was still coughing badly.  Perhaps the main reason was I drank chilled syrup with lemon juice after solat Teraweeh almost every night. 

How can I not be tempted when the chilled syrup in the huge container in the fridge beckoned each time I opened the fridge.  So....I poured the syrup into the Tupperware bottle and squeezed fresh lemon juice and then shook the bottle to mix it and voila!!! Syrup lemon juice ready to drink.....after Teraweeh.

At noon I drove to Tesco MMR2 to pick up the Sup Tulang Merah Kambing which I ordered from Puan Mariam.  Puan Hajah Cikgu Zaiton also ordered two tubs...whilst I ordered four tubs. Puan Mariam's Sup tulang merah is so tasty and delicious.  Yummy...

Then after solat Zuhur, Wahid drove me to Kajang KTM station where I boarded the train to Tanjong Malim.  I have a date with dear hubby.  Our first during Ramadan. ❤❤❤

When I reached Tanjong Malim KTM station, I solat Asar at its surau.  Then while waiting for hubby I read the noble Quran.  I managed to read a few pages when hubby called to say that he had almost reached the station.

Hubby arrived five minutes later and we drove into Tanjong Malim town and checked into Hotel Taman Universiti.  After we freshened ourselves, we drove to the Masjid Tanjong Malim for Iftar.

I brought fresh dates with me and shared with the other ladies during iftar.  There were nasi ayam and local kuihs which the ladies brought with them.  I did not eat the nasi ayam but I did wallop two pieces of tahu sumbat.

After Teraweeh hubby and I had our dinner at Restoren Perahu Pecah.  There was a real perahu there but not pecah.....😃😃😃

We returned to the hotel after our dinner.  Alhamdullilah.

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