Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ramadan - Day Six

This morning I went to the Masjid for Tadarrus.  I thought I was late since It was almost 9am.  When I reached the classroom, there were eight ladies already waiting for Imam Hj Fazry.  Then our class monitor informed us that Imam was at the auto workshop waiting for his car being repaired.  Poor Imam.  The other day he had to replace his punctured car tyres and now engine.problem.  Sobron ya Imam.

Our class.monitor Hjh Nyonya aka Kak Biah than began reading Juzuk Six of the noble Quran.  When it was my turn it was almost 10am and the male students plus their ustaz were waiting for us ladies to leave the class.  So we ladies moved to the ground level of the Masjid and sat at one corner outside the main hall since there were electricians changing the light bulbs in the main prayer hall.  Alhamdullillah we managed to complete two juzuks of the noble Quran.

Kak Biah then informed me that she would like to join me and Cegu Zaitun when we visited our neighbour Hjh Paridah at KPJ Kajang.  Hjh Paridah was admitted to ICU because she collapsed and fainted at home.  

When I reached home, dear hubby was waiting for me.  He was leaving for Tanjung Malim.  Since he was reading the newspaper I went to fetch Sofiyah at school.

When Sofiyah and I reached home, Kak Biah and Cegu Zaitun were waiting for me.  They were chatting with hubby. Then Hjh Rafisah and Hjh Norazmi arrived.  So we all got into my car and I drove to.KPJ Kajang.

When we reached ICU, we met Hjh Paridah's husband Hj Darami at the visitors' lounge.  Only two visitors were allowed to visit Hj Paridah each time.  So I went with cegu Zaitun first.  Hjh Paridah broke one of her fingers when she fell.  Her heart was also fine.  Its her vision which was worrying her.  In shaa Allah Hjh Paridah, we pray you have a speedy recovery.  Amiinn.

Hubby left for Tanjung Malim after solat Zuhur at Masjid Kajang.  I felt sad because hubby could not break fast with us.

Since Badruzzaman and hubby would.not.be home for iftar, Wahid, Sofiyah and I went to Bazar Ramadan at Kajang Prima and bought food for iftar.  There were plenty of choices to choose from.  I bought Laksa Johor and nasi kerabu.  Wahid also bought nasi kerabu.  Sofiyah bought Char kue teaw.  For dessert we bought mertabak Singapore. Yum yum.

After Iftar when we solat Maghrib, Wahid was the Imam since hubby and Badruzzaman were not at home. Alhamdullillah.

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