Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ramadan - Day Seven

I cooked baked beans with fried eggs (👀) during sahoor this morning. Only Badruzzaman, Wahid, Sofiyah and I had our sahoor.  Hubby was away at Tanjung Malim.

After sending Sofiyah to school I drove to Seremban to send Mak for her appointment with the Doctor at Klinik Geriatrik HTJ Seremban.

But then since it was still early I went to our Mercs workshop to see our foreman Mr Yap re the broken right view mirror which Bard accidentally broke when he was reversing Mercs.

Mr Yap would order a new mirror but not Made in Germany.......😉  Never mind lah Mr Yap....not Germany also can lah...... Then please also order for me the headlamps ya......but must Made in Germany one......ori ya......😊😊😊

When I reached Maks abode I got her ready for our trip to the Klinik at HTJ.  Got to lift her from the bed to the wheelchair to the car.  Mak understood that she got to help me too when I lifted her i.e. she need to stand on her left foot firmly on the ground whilst she used my legs when I pressed her right leg between mine.  Mak is taller and heavier than me. Alhamdullillah we made it to the Klinik.

Mak was patient number eighteen.  But there were only three patients ahead of her so hope she did not have to wait long.  So.....while waiting I took wefie with Mak.  She sportingly obliged.  Mak you are so beautiful and I love you very much. 😚😚😚

After seeing the doctor I left Mak at the Klinik whilst I drove to the Pharmacy at HTJ main building.  Parking was a problem there.  So I had to park at the open public parking and took the shuttle up to the HTJ.  At the pharmacy there was a long queue.  It was only half an hour later tha I got Mak's medicine.

Then took the shuttle back to the car park and drove back to Klinik Geriatrik.  The nurses at the Klinik told me Mak was crying waiting for me.  I gave Mak a hug and apologised for the delay. 

On our way to Mak's abode I stopped at McD and bought two beefburgers and two sundaes for Mak and Abah.  Both of then love McD sundaes.

After transfering Mak from car to wheelchair to bed, I served both Abah and Mak the burgers and sundaes. Then I sorted Mak's medicine.  Then I bathe Mak in the bathroom, again transfering her from bed to compot to bed.  After dressing her and making sure she was comfortable, I had my solat zuhur.

I returned to Kajang after giving both Mak and Abah big hugs and kisses.  ❤❤❤

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