Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ramadan - Day Eight

During sahoor this morning I cooked fried char kwey teaw.  Just a simple dish, using the char kwey teaw sauce which I bought at Giant.  Actually there are numerous ways to spell char kue teaw....cha kuew tiaw....char kueh tiau....cha kweh teau....chaa kue tiaw....char kue theau.....  Whatever the spelling...understood by us all....Kita Anak Malaysia.

I missed Tadarrus at the Masjid today....overslept... When I woke around 10.30am there were three missed calls from my Tadarrus mates.  So sorry ladies. But then, Alhamdullillah they completed two juzuks.

Hubby returned whilst I was preparing for iftar in the kitchen.  Hubby had to leave for Tanjong Malim again.  Hubby told me about our niece Mehram who was warded at the ICU KPJ Seremban for internal bleeding since yesterday.  Hubby wanted me to visit Mehram tomorrow and that Wahid to drive me there.

So since hubby was not around Badruzzaman was the imam for solat Maghrib.  I also did not go for Teraweeh prayers at Masjid Uniten since hubby was away. I did Teraweeh prayers at home.

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