Friday, June 12, 2015

Penang....Day Two

Sofiyah and I had our breakfast very early this morning.  Hubby and Wahid joined us later.  We had plenty of choices, from local to western buffet breakfast.  I of course go for western.  Love the croisaants dipped with honey. Yum yum yummy....

After breakfast Sofiyah and I put on our swimming suits, and headed to the beach.  But then, the weather became cloudy and suddenly it started to drizzle.  So we quickly walked back to the hotel together with the other guests seeking shelter from the now heavy rain.

So we watched the SEA Games on the huge flat screen tv at the lobby. It was a women's volleyball match between Malaysia and Indonesia.  Indonesia was leading the match.  We did not watch the rest of the match because the rain finally stopped.  So we headed to the beach again.

Sofiyah and I stepped into the cool blue sea and we just stay put and enjoyed the not so huge waves crashing into us.  It was fun.  Then Sofiyah suggested that she buried my knees with the beach sand.  She said it could help cure my knee pain.  Really?? Heheeehe....

Wahid then joined us after Friday prayers.  Hubby 😴😴😴 in our hotel room.

We finally left the beach and returned to our rooms to have our bath.  Hubby was already up and was reading the newspaper.  So after I did my solat, hubby and I walked to the beach again and we lepak on the deck chairs facing the deep blue sea. I then doze off....😴😴😴

I woke up suddenly when I heard Khairulzaman, who just arrived from Penang Hospital, talking to dear hubby.  Khairul gave me a big hug and showered me with his kisses.  I missed him much. 😚😚😚

We then had dinner at Safar and Marwah Restaurant across the road from the hotel.  This restaurant serves Arabian, Pakistani and Italian dishes too.  We salute the owner and his staff who had their Eshaq prayers right behind the cashier counter.  They took turns performing their solat.  Alhamdullilah.

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