Saturday, June 13, 2015

Naka Pokok Sena Kedah.....

We checked out of Holiday Inn after breakfast.  Khairul then drove us to Naka, after leaving his car at the toll plaza near Butterworth, where Kak Long's mother-in-law lives. The journey took about two hours.

When we reached pekan Naka we stopped at a goring pisang stall and had our tea there.  The stall also offered Laksa Utara so we all ate that too.  It was delicious.

Then we drove to Ahmad's parent's abode about ten minutes from the main road. When we reached the house it was pretty quiet.  I got down from the car and gave salaam as I reached the front door.  My salam was answered by Ahmad's younger brother Saiful.  Saiful told me his mother was at his aunty's house next door and went to fetch her.

Kak Kiah welcomed me with open arms.  The last time we met was last year when we visited her after our trip to Padang Besar.  She looked well and healthy. Alhamdullilah. Her youngest daughter Wani has grown taller and will sit for her UPSR exam this year, In shaa Allah.  Her two sons Saiful and Lufti also lives with her.

When we left Kak Kiah and family, she packed for us fresh rebung, lots of ulam which she plucked from her herbs garden behind her house. She sure has green fingers.

Khairul again drove us to the toll plaza to get his car and returned to Penang.  We gave him big hugs and reminded him that Ramadan is coming in the next five days and be prepared to begin fasting.  Khairul we are going to miss you much much.

Then Wahid took over the driving and we stopped at R & R Kuala Kangsar for dinner and our solat.  Alhamdullilah we reached home safely at 11.30pm.

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