Sunday, May 3, 2015

Umi Sushi @Tanjong Malim

I followed hubby to Tanjong Malim this morning.  We had breakfast at R &R Rawang.  I ate two packets of Nasi Lemak Eisha.  The sambal ikan bilis was delicious.  Hubby ate only one bungkus nasi lemak.

Then we drove to Sungei Bill where I waited for hubby whilst he did his job there.  Then we solat zuhur/asar jamaq and kasar at Sungei Bill. 

We left Sungei Bill and drove to Tanjong Malim town.  We were surprised to find a Japanese restaurant there.  So we had our late lunch there. 

We wanted to rush to Nilai thinking that the wedding reception of Hj Zahiri and Hjh Zai Ruzaini's daughter ended at 4pm.  Luckily I went through the wedding card and the reception was from 6pm to 10pm.  Heheee......

So we left for Nilai after solat maghrib.  When we reached the venue there was a huge crowd.  We met Rosli and wife Nora and we shared the same table after taking our food.

It began to rain very heavily with lightni g and thunder too.  We were stuck in one of the Arabic tents waiting for the rain to stop.  When it drizzled we ran to our car and drove home.

What a pleasant surprise when we reached home and was welcomed by our first grandson Muhammad.  When he saw us...he ran towards us with open arms....I grab hold of him and hug him tight and showered him with loving kisses.  I missed him soooooo much. Then only I pass Muhammad to dear hubby.....hehehe....

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