Friday, April 24, 2015

JPO Revisited.....

We left Kajang at 9.30am and took the PLUS highway from Bangi Toll Plaza.  Traffic was smooth all the way until we stopped at R n R Machap for brunch.  It was already 10.45am. Badruzzaman and Wahiduzzaman were already waiting for us there.  Badruzzaman drove his car with Wahid for company whilst hubby, Khairulzaman, Sofiyah and I were in hubby's car.  Khairul was our driver.

We arrived at Grand Blue Wave Hotel at 1.30pm. Our rooms were ready when we checked in.  Initially we booked ten rooms, four Queen size bedrooms and six rooms with connecting doors.  Then when my brother-in-law Shaharuddin could only stay for one night, we had to reorganise the rooms. So, one room was upgraded to an Executive suite (1404 sea view) which we gave to my elder brother-in-law Haji Abu Bakar aka bro Burn. Then from two rooms for me and children, we got an additional standard room.  Our rooms were 1011, 1012 and 1013 (city view), Alhamdullilah.

When we finally went to our rooms, we solat jamaq and qasar zuhur/asar.  Badruzzaman was the imam.  After solat we sat down and discussed where to spend the rest of the afternoon before our guests arrived.  Of course, everyone suggested that we revisit JPO, especially yours truly.....hehehe....

All of us got into hubby's car....six of us. children are all included, so we could all fit in the rear seat, Alhamdullilah.

During the journey it rained heavily. But as soon as we reached JPO it was drizzling so Badruzzaman dropped us at the south entrance whilst he parked the car.

So...whilst hubby and I rested on the bench infront of Coach boutique, the children did their shopping. 

When we returned to the hotel, my brother-in-law Hj Mohd Noh and his family had already checked into the hotel.  They were about to go visiting their relatives in JB. Bro Burn too had just arrived with Kak Pah.  So I took them to their room on the fourteenth floor.

After solat maghrib and eshaq with hubby we had dinner with bro Burn and Kak Pah at the hotel's coffee house.  Then we all went to bro Burn's room where he showed us his photo albums during his expedition to Sulawesi.

It was almost 1am when I excused myself and returned to our room.  I was sound asleep when my head touched the soft pillow...😴😴😴

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