Friday, February 27, 2015

Running Terminated

I drove to Pantai Hospital, Bkt Pantai after doing my house chores.  I left at 9.15am and it was a smooth journey to Pantai Hospital.  No traffic jam at all.

My appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon was at 10.30am.  I was seeking a second opinion from him.  I did not have to wait long.

I was ushered into the Doctor's clinic after the patient before me left.  The doctor took a look at the X-ray of my knees which I brought along with me. 

After looking at my X-Ray, he too said I should not run anymore.....I did not cry this time because I was prepared with the verdict. 

The good doctor adviced me to do brisk walking instead or cycling, with swimming being the best alternative to running.

Yes lah.....I know swimming is the best form of exercise and keeping fit.  Yes lah.....I can do breast stroke and also freestyle....and I also swallowed the pool water every time I lost my breath and gasping for air.... yuck!! So....swimming is ny third choice.....

If I want to cycle....I need to purchase a mountain bike or a speed bike.  OR I can use my folding bike. Indeed if I do cycle....I have to do it outdoors.  I love the outdoors.....only when I run or hike....but to cycle on the street or LEKAS highway (hubby suggested we cycle from Kajang to Seremban i.e. like the baton relay.... first he will ride the mountain bike (his UITM buddies suggested that he purchase a mountain bike, more suitable for our ages) whilst I drive the Toyota Hilux and for every 3km we switch places.  He drives....I cycle....(wink wink).  Hahahaaa.......

So.....for now I will stick to brisk walking...on the treadmill....bravo bravo! Ahaaa......better still I can brisk walk at Alamanda or the new IOI Mall Putrajaya.  Got aircond some more.  Better go on weekdays, less crowd....hehehe....

Oh ya....if I miss my running so much...I can do it on the AGT. 

The doctor also said I should watch my diet..avoid butter, oily food etc. Lastly he said I should slim down. WHAT????? AM I FAT????

So when I reached home I got the weighing scale and.....voila....57kg only slin should I be?? Ask doctor during next appointment.

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