Saturday, February 21, 2015

Belimbing Buluh Tree

Our belimbing tree which hubby planted at our rear gate twenty years ago has borne fruits again.  The belimbing fruit itself is very very sour if eaten raw. 
The fruits hung like grapes on the belimbing tree branches.  The fruits are in abundance especially during the hot season here in Malaysia.  It can be found all year round, Alhamdullillah.
The belimbing leaves, when combined with other herbal leaves, then boiled in water, can be use for bathing every morning during confinement.  Hubby did that for me after the deliveries of all our six children.  Hubby learnt this from his late sister Kak Ngah Mariam.
One of my neighbours use the leaves to increase her hair volume when she shampoos her hair. 
As for the fruits.....we usually cook it with duck eggs, coconut milk, bird eye chillies and fresh turmeric pounded together.   So......delicious when eaten with rice.

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