Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ayeshah aka Kak Ngah's Engagement

Ayeshah aka Kak Ngah, our second daughter was engaged on Saturday 25th October 2014.  Her fiance's family arrived at 11.15am all the way from Seremban i.e from his grand uncle's house.  His grand uncle was the spokesperson for that day.  His family resides in Kota Tinggi Johor.

After getting to know each other from both families, it was time for Ayeshah to meet her future mother-in-law for the first time.  Puan Juliyah then put on the engagement ring on Ayeshah's fingers.  There was a gold and a diamond ring too.  Alhamdullilah.

We then had lunch....simple lauk kampung which I cooked.  We then invited Ayeshah's fiancee to join us too.  Her fiancee was not present when his family had the discussion with us. For dessert we had fried epok-epok with plain tea.  

Ayeshah's future in-laws  left our abode around 12.30pm.  As for our future son-in-law, he stayed back together with his buddy, Jinggo, to chat with hubby.

The wedding date has yet to be fixed until we could get a venue and the caterer too.  After getting the venue then only we can fix the wedding date, In shaa Allah.

Then, three days later, I went to Ikram aka Kliuc, to book its hall.  Alhamdullilah, 14th February 2015 was vacant.  So last Saturday 8th November, hubby and I drove to Kota Tinggi to inform our future besan the dates for nikah 13th February and reception 14th February, In shaa Allah.

We seek Allah SWT's guidance so that the journey in preparing for the wedding will be smooth all the way. Aamiinn.

 (hubby waiting for our guests)

 (hubby....handsome as always...)

 (the whole family minus kak long and family)

(Our guests arrived)

(our dining table..from 8 seater..extended to 10)

 (introducing Ayeshah to her future mother-in-law)

 (introducing Ayeshah to the rest of the family)

 (future father-in-law in red shirt)

 (Puan Juliyah putting on the ring on Ayeshah's finger)

 (one big hug.....)

 (the spokesman holding the gift for Ayeshah too)

(hubby inviting our guests to lunch)

 (picture with our future besan)

 (group photo)

(the beautiful rings...)

(the lovely gifts)

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