Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ramadan day 22

When I woke up to prepare the pre dawn meal kak long was still awake. She was afraid to sleep in case she would not be able to wake up again for the pre dawn meal.

So she helped me set the table whilst I cooked fried yellow mee with left over prawn sambal.  Then I also fried mee hoon with left over prawn sambal for hubby since he does not like yellow mee.

As usual...after solat fajr and reading the Quran....I slept.... 
Then when I woke up, I followed hubby to Pedas.  But before that we went to Ros's house to collect the curtains that she sewed for my day bed.  

On our way to Pedas, we visited mak and abah in Seremban.  I helped abah to try on the baju melayu and Alhamdullilah it fitted him nicely.  Mak's baju kurung also fitted nicely, Alhamdullilah.

Then off we drove to Pedas.  Hubby left me at Rumah Liza so that I could hang the curtains for the day bed.  Hubby went to Rembau town to buy food for iftar.

The curtains for the day bed fitted nicely too.  Thus my guests for this coming Raya will be the first to sleep on it.... Of course they will have to draw lots since it is a single day bed....

For iftar today...all my children (except Wahid), my son-in-law and grandson were at the dinner table.  My grandson got to sit on his baby chair, Alhamdullilah.

We went to Masjid Uniten for Teraweeh.  Khairul was driving. Ahmad our son-in-law also followed us.  Then after Teraweeh on our way to the parking lot, we met Dr Karim with his family.

Then when we reached home it was pitch black. There was a blackout.  So we had to use candles and a camping light.

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