Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sofiyah's 15th Birthday

 (Her birthday cake from Secret Recipe - Chocolate Indulgence)

 (belated birthday present for Badruzzaman from his brother-in-law)

Sofiyah's 15th Birthday was on 2nd March 2014.  I was extremely busy the last few weeks, thus the late entry for my blog.

Hubby, Khairulzaman and I took Sofiyah to Alamanda Mall at Putrajaya 1st March, which was a Saturday. She had wished for a wrist watch, so her dad took her to SWATCH Alamanda and bought her a wrist watch.  It was her lucky day, because, she received another watch for free.

 We then had lunch at this Arabic Restaurant also at Putrajaya.

Sofiyah, we love you very much.

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