Thursday, December 5, 2013

Training Plan - Full marathon for Beginners

Types of training run All the training programmes involve long runs and recovery (easy) runs. Some also include faster runs (tempo and speed).

Recovery (easy) runs These allow your legs to recover from hard effort and prepare you for the next day of training. You should be able to enjoy running without feeling tired.  
Steady runs These runs are slightly faster than recovery/easy runs.  
Long runs The aim of the long run is to build up your aerobic fitness, efficiency and endurance. Use this session to increase your mileage. The long run should be at a steady pace, effort level six to seven. You should be able to hold a conversation as you run. This will become your race pace.  

Tempo runs Tempo runs improve your running pace. The aim is to maintain a hard but controlled pace, at effort level eight. This is an increased pace from your long runs. You should finishe the session feeling refreshed and invigorated. A tempo session is made up of one or more periods of tempo running with some easy running in between. Build up to running tempo pace for about 20 minutes, starting with five minutes if you're a beginner. Reduce or extend the recovery periods as you need them. A beginner's 30-minute tempo session might include: Five-minute warm-up walk or slow jog five minutes at an easy pace followed by five minutes of tempo running, repeated twice (20 minutes) five minutes' walk or jog to cool down An intermediate 40-minute tempo session might include: 10-minute warm-up walk or slow jog 20 minutes of tempo running 10 minutes at an easy pace  

Speed work Speed work, using either intervals or hills, builds your aerobic fitness, strength and speed. a.   Interval training involves running fast, but not sprinting, over a set distance (200m or 400m) or time at an effort level of 10. b.  Hill running involves keeping your pace roughly constant but increasing intensity by changing the gradient up which you are running. The following are examples of distance intervals. Six sessions of 400m - a 400m fast run, then a 400m slow jog, repeated three times Four sessions of 400m and 200m - a 400m fast run, a 400m slow jog, then a 200m fast run followed by a 200m slow jog. Have five minutes walking  between sets, then repeat.

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