Friday, November 29, 2013

Broke 4th little toe.....

 (after the operation)

 (after placing the cast...looks soooo bad..)

(a gift from the hospital management)

Last February I broke my little toe on my right foot.... Then, last Tuesday morning 26th November, I broke my 4th little toe, next to the little toe, on my right foot again.  Two broken little toes in a year?? 

I had breakfast with laling hubby, my favourite nasi kerabu, at our favourite kelantanese restaurant in Cheras, that Tuesday morning.  Then, when we returned home, Sofiyah was waiting for me to take her to Kajang town to repair her wrist watch.  Its strap was broken.  Since I was already wearing my jubah, I went to the side cupboard to get the car keys, when suddenly my right foot banged into the sofa's metal leg.  There was a sharp pain on my right foot and I sat on the floor, grabbing my right foot trying to ease the pain.  Sofiyah came to my aid.  I was holding back my was so painful.

I called my daughter, Siti Ayeshah, to take me to Klinik Kita at Saujana Impian.  The doctor took an Xray of my right foot and it was confirmed that my fourth toe was indeed broken.  She issued a letter for the orthopedic surgeon at Kpj Kajang.  Since Dr Loo, who operated on my little toe last February, was on leave, and Dr Mazlan was at OT, I was referred to Dr Surendran.

The operation was scheduled at 4pm that day, but since, there was no hospital bed available, I was told to return at 10am the following day.  Thus I went home that evening.  My foot started to swell.  I began my fasting from 10pm, even though Dr Surendran said I could begin fasting at 6am.  Anyway, Siti Ayeshah and Sofiyah took me to Kpj Kajang that Wednesday morning.

At 1.30pm I was wheeled into the OT.  Alhamdullilah, I managed to solat Zuhur before the surgery.  I was given an LA with a nerve block.  I was told to sit up on the operating table, rest my hand on a pillow the nurses put beneath my jaw, shoulders dropped, and the anesthetist began her job.  I could not feel anything from the waist down.  I doze off during the surgery.  When I woke up, it was over.  

Hubby and my two daughters were waiting for me outside the OT.  I was then wheeled to my room S551A on the 5th floor.  When Dr Surendran visited me, he told me that my toe broke in two, so he had to insert two little screws and a metal plate to straighten it.  Well, lets hope whenever I had to fly, I will not trigger the alarm when going through the checkpoint at the airport.  I had a metal plate within me.....

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