Thursday, October 31, 2013

Riding Boroi our Stud at Pedas Farm

 (the children waiting for Boroi)

 (this is Boroi)

(one of the children riding Boroi)

Our guests at Rumah Liza had a BBQ when they stayed Saturday 26th October, 2013.  I was invited to attend the BBQ too.  The lamb steak and chicken wings were delicious.  Puan Hajah Shelina Harun said she bought the marinated lamb and chicken wings from  Arifahani's Marinated BBQ & Steaks's.

Then, when I wanted to return to my farm, I invited the children to visit the farm the same night.  They all came and were thrilled when they saw Boroi, our stud, and they could ride him too.  Rizal, our farmhand, assisted the children when they wanted to ride Boroi.  

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