Saturday, October 12, 2013

Basikal Tua

 (the bicycle with the basket belongs to my dad)

At Rumah Liza, we have these two ancient bicycles for our guests to ride around the village at Pedas.  The bicycle with the basket belongs to my dad.  He gave it to me because he could no longer ride the bicycle.  He is 83 years old, and will be celebrating his 84th birthday tomorrow, In shaa Allah.

The above bicycles are actually for women, because there are no bars between the handle and the seat. Thus, easy for the women to get on and off the bicycle.  For men, the bicycle have an extra bar, so that they could carry their wives/girlfriends sitting on is it not??  The carrier at the back is to carry their picnic basket!! hehehe......

Thank you dad for the bicycle.  Happy 84th Birthday in advance.  I love you very much.  I wish you health and happiness always. Amiinn.

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