Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Felda Residence Hot Springs Resort (August 13 2013)

(I did my tai chi here...around 7.30am)

 (this kid sure could run....)

 (visitors cannot bring their own eggs, because they have to buy it at the resort)
I was jogging after doing my tai chi and came across this banner)

 (this area is where some visitors soaked their feet in the hot springs)

 (the above pictures are the cool mountain spring water in the huge swimming pool
deserted because still very early in the morning)

 (huts for resting and picnic)

 (the car park)

 (Khairulzaman coming down the slide)

 (Sofiyah's turn down the slide)

 (this lady was boiling eggs in the hot spring)

 (three minutes for a half boiled egg)

 (this guy was waiting for his eggs....hard boiled, 8 mins)

(me at the hot springs pool.....the notice said only half an hour per dip)

(me with Sofiyah, enjoying the cascading hot water)

 (Behind me is the Spa Villa)

(the above pictures are the resort's surroundings)

 (me with Sofiyah and Khairulzaman after our swim)

(me with hubby at dinner)

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