Monday, August 26, 2013

DIY curtains

 (the first curtain i sewed)
 (now it looks better when tied with the ribbon)
 (the area where I cut the curtains before sewing it)
(view from the cutting area (rumah tengah)
(the sewing machine that I used)

Last weekend, I was looking for the comforter which Sofiyah always use when her friend came for a sleep over, and I found a strange looking bundle in one of the shelves in my walk in wardrobe.  When I opened it, I found several pieces of curtains.  The curtains were the ones my daughter used when she was staying at the Sekolah Menengah Teknik Shah Alam's hostel for girls.  Siti Ayeshah was in Form four when she requested that I sponsored window curtains for her dormitory.  So, I hired Rose, my good friend, to sew it for her.  

Since the curtains were still in good condition, I decided to do a little alteration and sewed for my Rumah Liza windows....  I managed to sew three pieces over the weekend, Alhamdullilah. Five more pieces to go for the windows at the serambi of Rumah Liza.  There are eight windows altogether.  The rumah tengah has two windows, whilst the small bedroom also has two windows and a very tiny window (I have yet to decide whether to put a curtain there).  Then three more curtains for the three windows in the kitchen.  I hope the recycled curtains are enough for all the windows, In shaa Allah.

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