Sunday, August 4, 2013

Barut ready for pick up....

My grandson is now five months old...and he is definitely growing longer and chubbier... Thus, he could no longer use the barut batang which his great grandmother sewed for him.

So, last Thursday I went to Kamdar at Kajang Prima and bought 4 metres of printed Japanese cotton, each metre different design, and 4 metres of plain cotton (baby blue).  The plain baby blue cotton is for the barut reverse side.

Then, on Friday I began to cut out the design for the barut. First I need to cut a 10 inch square cloth, fold it into half, and cut it again. Thus I now get a triangular two pieces of barut. The printed cloth is the front, and cut similarly for the back of the barut.

Then sew the front and back, attach strings at each corner....and voila! Two pieces of barut completed.  I managed to complete 24 pieces of barut by Saturday.  I will find time to finish whatever balance after Eid. ;)

When my grandson come home this Eid Mubarak, he will have new baruts to wear....really miss my grandson.

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