Friday, July 12, 2013

Jumpsuits for Muhammad

This morning I went to Kajang Prima with Wahiduzzaman.  Oh ya! Wahid came home from Ipoh yesterday, so he broke fast with us first time this Ramadhan.

I wanted to buy second hand blackout curtains at a bundle shop in Kajang Prima.  My tenant at Maytower had requested for blackout curtains since their baby was restless with the daylight coming into the room.

When I went into the shop looking for the said curtains, I had to leave, disappointed, because they only have window curtains, not for sliding doors.  Well, I may have to buy new ones then, In shaa Allah.

It was when walking to my car, Wahid was the driver, I noticed a boutique selling clothes for babies and toddlers.  Wow... there were so many items to choose, I bought five pieces of jumpsuits for my grandson.  Never mind it the sizes are for six months plus... Muhammad is growing up fast...Alhamdullilah.

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