Sunday, January 30, 2011

Plantar Fasciitis

About two months ago, I felt a sharp pain on my left heel when I got out of bed. It was so painful, I had difficulty standing up and had to 'hop' to the bathroom. I massaged the heel after rubbing 'Deep Heat'. The pain did not cease completely, but at least, I could slowly walk downstairs to the kitchen.

Anyway, when I went to see my physician, she gave me some painkiller and a gel to rub onto the heel. Well, the pain did go away for a week.... but after that, it came back. I then went to see an orthopaedic surgeon.

After examining my heel, he told me I got 'Plantar Fasciitis'. ( I searched the web to find out more about this heel problem. Perhaps I got this problem because of my new interests, which is hiking and jungle trekking.

When I was hospitalised for dengue in October, I was told not to be active in any outdoor activities whatsoever. I had to stop running completely, exercising at the Gym, and only did Tai Chi. Then, when my friends on FB invited me to climb Broga Hill in December 2010 (26th), I agreed. But before that, I hiked Mount Kinabalu with my husband on 18th Dec 2010. But we only hiked 1.5km up Mount Kinabalu.

Perhaps its because of my sudden hiking activity that lead to me having Plantar Fasciitis, having being inactive for almost 2 mths. My body got a shock!! Anyway, if the pain persists, my doc suggested that I get this jab (got steroid), every 6 mths. I refused to have it. I would prefer to recover without having to 'take' any form of drug.

Now, I am using a silicone heel cups which is inserted onto the heel of my shoes. Then I have to go to physiotherapy three times a week for treatment. Well, better this than having to take drugs.

It was a relief too, to know that some of my friends who had suffered before, got well after about six months. I wish to get well soon (God willing), because I will be participating in the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon in June 2011. But then...

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