Thursday, December 2, 2010

Extreme Buggy Ride..

After checking out of Thistle Port Dickson Resort (, I drove with my children, Wahiduzzaman and Siti Sofiyah to the Extreme PD Buggy Trek Pit Stop ( located at Lot 8205, Batu 2, Jalan Pantai, 71000 PORT DICKSON, Negeri Sembilan. If you are travelling from Port Dickson town, look out for the Shell Refinery signage on your left. The venue is about 50 metres from the traffic lights, again on your left. You can't miss it. (Facebook: Extreme PD Buggy Trek Pit Stop)

Sofiyah wanted to ride the ATV, but Kenny (the co-owner) adviced me to ride with her on the Double seater buggy. I was reluctant at first, because, the weather was too hot for my liking (takut pitam pula...aka dizzy), but then.... being adventurous...and thinking I am forever young (as if...), I took off my arbaya (long black robe), and sat in the buggy with Sofiyah (I was not naked lah... I still got my blouse and jeans underneath the arbaya... waddaaa...)

I asked Kenny whether I could have a trial run first... NOPE!!! He said I will get the hang of it... No problemo!! Theres the steering wheel, the tiny brake pedal and the tiny accelerator... but NO gear whatsoever!! To START, just push the red button! Damn easy.... It WAS easy alright!!! Just push red button only what....and then step on the gas!!! (Oh yaaa... piece of advice.. do not drive over the old tyres coz the buggy could flip over!!) WHAAAT???!!!! Now you are telling me..... So.. must wear crash helmet, but then... what about the safety harness?? No need lah.... women cannot drive fast on the dirt track... sure takut (scared) one.... (oh yeah??!!) Hmph!!

Anyway, theres no power steering it was tough to manoeuvre the buggy... From the starting point, it was uphill all the way... and midway... the buggy stop dead!! Kept pushing the red button, and it refused to start! Wadddaaa.... I panic a bit because we were in the middle of nowhere.. what if a bandit jumped out of the bushes?? 2 minutes went by and I was just about to leave the buggy with Sofiyah when help came... Kenny's assistant came in the ATV and tried to start the buggy. It refused to start. So he told me to stay put and 2 minutes later (that was fast) he came to jump start the buggy!!

During the first lap, I was so cautious... fear of flipping over and seeing bandits jumping out of the bushes!! But then, Kenny's assistant was following me from the rear.... thus I began to enjoy the drive...(no more fear...). He followed me during the second lap also, helping me twice to push the buggy away from the old tyres each time I swerved a corner wrongly. Theres no reverse gear, see. I dont want to get down from the buggy and push it back, because I do not want to get dirty.... (the track was all muddy, see).

Before my final lap, the buggy again died! So they had to jump start it again!! Waddaaa.... This time, I drove faster and taking all the corners swiftly... no assistant following me.... (wahhhh... terer lah me..). When I reached the FINISH point, I felt really GOOOD... an achievement well earned!! (When driving, no need to use brake... just control the steering and the accelerator).

Next time, I want to try the ATV and the krazy kart!!! Wanna join me???

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